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B.V.D. (Where Are We Now?) 

Animal Health Ireland reports that the percentage of PI calves has fallen to 0.14% in 2016, which is a significant decrease since the eradication programme started in R. o I. In N Ireland, the compulsory scheme started in March 2016, and so is running behind that of Southern Ireland.

Removal of PI’s has also increased in the South, as farmers realise the risk they pose to their herd and that of their neighbours. 

As levels of circulating BVD reduces in the National Herd, the number of naive herds increases. These herds are at risk of severe breakdowns. Some farmers who have been shown to be free of BVD by tissue tagging calves, have decided to stop vaccinating.

BVD can be introduced through breaches of biosecurity. eg. buying in cattle esp. pregnant heifers, cattle breaking in or out, cattle nosing at boundaries or shared equipment or visitors.

Herds that aren’t protected by strict biosecurity and vaccination, are becoming increasingly susceptible.

It is important that BVD vaccination is carried out at the correct time and proper protocols are observed. There are several vaccines available now on the market, please discuss with us the best vaccine to use for your herd and the timing, which is crucial.

Strict biosecurity is becoming more and more important not only for BVD but for many other diseases e.g. TB, IBR and Salmonella.

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